Optegrity is an extensible software platform that is used to build abnormal condition management applications for process manufacturing industries. Optegrity applications ensure sustained operational performance and continuous availability of production assets. Its applications detect and resolve abnormal process conditions early—before they disrupt productivity, and weaken product quality and profits.

Optegrity is a powerful application platform for OEMs, value-added-resellers (VARs), system integrators (SIs), consultants, and end users. Combined with existing control systems, data historians, and databases, Optegrity applications work in real time to:

  • Proactively monitor process conditions to avoid or minimize disruptions
  • Analyze, filter, and correlate alarms to speed up operator responses
  • Rapidly isolate the root cause of problems to accelerate resolution
  • Guide operators through recovery to enhance safety levels
  • Provide expert guidance so that operators of all skill levels can effectively respond to problems
  • Predict the impact of process disruptions so operators can prioritize actions

Optegrity consists of a broad set of capabilities for meeting the wide-ranging needs of abnormal condition management, covering the whole life cycle of projects from modeling to validation and deployment. Optegrity monitors and evaluates in real time process conditions received from a DCS (Distributed Control System), provides advisory messages and root cause analysis capabilities.

Fault models reason over process maps to reduce the number of operator alarms significantly and to isolate the root cause(s) of problems. Domain experts such as process engineers can graphically model the logic used to monitor, diagnose, and control the process conditions. Logging and replay capabilities enable domain experts to validate their logic before deploying it or replay historical data for in depth analysis of specific situations. Optegrity also enables domain experts to build libraries of reusable process objects that include a generic formalization of event detection and causal fault models.

Optegrity is a client/server, multi-user environment, enabling multiple users to collaborate during the development and deployment phases of a project. Multiple operators can interact with the server simultaneously to monitor and diagnose in real time the state of the process condition.

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