The Integrity (formerly Operations Expert or OpEx) product family comprises Network, System, Service, and Application Management tools and applications.

Integrity has three key features:

  • Integrity Core Services
  • Discovery Import Tools
  • Reasoning Engines

Features and Benefits

The Integrity modules provide the tools for performing alarm and event filtering, correlation, and diagnosis including:

  • Early detection of problems from event patterns, reducing the time spent with unrecognized problems
  • Suppression of repetitive alarms (filtering), reducing operator overload, so operators can more quickly notice and react to real problems
  • Grouping of related alarms (correlation), further reducing operator overload
  • Pinpointing the causes for events (diagnosis), which:
    • Reduces downtime by speeding the time to start corrective actions
    • Reduces the mean time to repair by providing more accurate analysis of the exact problem
    • Prevents excessive testing and retesting

OPAC is also used to automate procedures in these areas:

  • Testing for diagnostic and filtering purposes
  • Enforcing standard automated or manual procedures
  • Guiding operators
  • Mitigating faults and resolving problems
  • Operator interface procedures such as alarm management

In general, automated procedures assure faster testing, eliminate delays in starting and carrying out the steps of corrective action, and enable faster recognition of fully recovered status.

Integrity Core Services also provides:

  • General infrastructure for network and message-based applications, (for example, configuration management of objects, topology, and hierarchy)
  • Online information and help

Overall, Integrity improves the availability of all the applications running on your networks. In addition to these run-time benefits, Integrity tools increase productivity. These tools provide an End User, Value Added Reseller (VAR), or System Integrator (SI) with an environment that:

  • Reduces application development time
  • Promotes development of reusable objects
  • Allows deployment of the application across diverse hardware platforms

Applications developed with Integrity are:

  • Easy to modify, thereby decreasing the time required to respond to customer requirements
  • Easy to maintain, increasing the profitability of the application

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