GDA, the G2 Diagnostic Assistant, is a layered product built on top of G2. It is a visual programming environment for developing applications that monitor and control real-time processes. Its principal component is a graphical language that allows you to express complex diagnostic procedures as a diagram of blocks, also called an Information Flow Diagram (IFD). These blocks are connected by paths that show how data flows through the diagram.

A GDA application contains schematic diagrams that:

  • Acquire data from real-time processes
  • Make inferences based on the data
  • Take actions based on the inference values, such as raising alarms, sending messages to operators, or concluding new setpoints

A GDA diagram is created by cloning blocks from palettes and connecting them together. You then configure the attributes of the blocks to control their behavior. Once you have created diagrams of your process, you run them to observe their behavior and test your application.

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