e-SCOR is a dynamic decision support and management tool for supply chains. It is used to design and analyze your current supply chain; to model alternative supply chains; and to perform “what-if” analysis to monitor, compare, and report on the performance of various alternative supply chains.

e-SCOR is part of an overall methodology for modeling supply chains and refining their performance over time, which consists of all aspects of supply-chain design, analysis, optimization, and implementation. e-SCOR enables progressive refinement of your supply chain by allowing you to model the impact of implementing supply-chain planning and execution tools.

Traditional supply-chain planning tools help you optimize your supply chain. Supply-chain execution tools help you implement the logistical and operational functions of your supply chain. e-SCOR helps you determine which areas of your supply chain will benefit most from implementing these tools. Therefore, e-SCOR complements traditional supply chain management tools from companies such as SAP and i2.

e-SCOR provides graphical tools that let you:

  • Configure, design, and map existing and alternative supply chains
  • Simulate performance of these supply chains over time
  • Report on supply-chain metrics
  • Model complex business rules used to manage supply chains
  • Detail and blueprint IT designs and specifications

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