Be an Expert Builder of Expert Systems

Use G2 to automate the control and decision management of any complex system, process or simulation.

Integrated Rapid Deployment Platform:

Gensym’s G2 development platform allows an integrated approach – graphical visualization linked with object oriented or procedural code and rule declarations – to model any process in a fraction of the time it would take a traditional development system.

  • Embedded object oriented widgets keep you focused on defining your business process instead of sweating the coding details.
  • Procedural and functional code execution offer the flexibility to handle your unique needs in any environment.
  • Gensym’s built-in inference engine uses user-defined natural language rules so your experts don’t need specialized coding skills.
  • Tune and optimize your application for top performance with seamless debugging and profiling capabilities.
  • Apply hot-updates to your application so you never bring your production or development environment down.

Robust Knowledge Representation:

An expert system is only as good as the data it can understand and process. G2 comes with vast knowledge acquisition capabilities that drastically reduce your time to build.

  • Along with standard data types such as chars, integers, floats, longs and strings etc., G2 comes with unique options to suit almost any knowledge representation.
  • Hierarchical, linear and abstract relationships, time series, indexed attributes, arrays and matrices, and excel-like sheets are just a few unique knowledge acquisition and representation models built in G2.
  • Built-in functions for statistics and other analytics push intelligent decision making even further.

Extreme Connectivity:

Whether you run a manufacturing plant, a monitoring control center or a network with thousands of deployed assets, G2 comes prebuilt with interfaces or ‘bridges’ for maximum connectivity.

  • Benefit from native bridge support for virtually any industrial appliance (PLC, SCADA, DCS, OPC and more).
  • Connect to a wide variety of IT systems (Databases, files systems, network sockets, JAVA objects, Active-X/COM objects).
  • Interface with web services, messaging services and SOA systems using G2’s SOAP/XML bridges.
  • Execute external functions (e.g. C, C++, C#, JAVA and more) and interface dynamically with open ware or proprietary libraries (e.g. dlls, jars, libs and more) to leverage existing functionalities.