G2® Enterprise


G2 Enterprise Delivers.
More Features. Massive Scale. Mission Critical Processes in Milliseconds.

When milliseconds matter to manage processes, monitor events and drive efficiencies, leading organizations turn to G2 Enterprise. G2 Enterprise offers all of the benefits of G2, but delivers dramatically advanced functionality in the areas of speed, mobility and cloud enablement.

Exponentially Faster

True 64-bit support and provision of unlimited G2 deployment instances and/or process authorizations for existing applications to achieve more performance and faster G2 applications.

Unlimited Processing Capacity

Unlimited process authorizations within each of your existing G2 server licenses and unlimited production licenses where expansion of process authorizations cannot be leveraged to deliver processing capacity increase.

Open Access to G2 Applications

Uncover innovative uses and build next generation applications with full access to G2 Applications such as CAT, NeurOn-Line, SymCure and many more.


Utilize unlimited development licenses to build, develop, and test high availability and disaster recovery environments to achieve G2 solution industrialization with no incremental license costs.


Availability of solution consulting services for analysis and development of mobile applications based on a G2 Enterprise Edition platform.


Access expert solution level services for cloud development and enablement of G2 based solutions.

Expert Systems for Real-Time Operations

Building Your Application with G2 Enterprise

  • Faster Response Times and Execution Improves Real Time Performance
  • Dramatically Increased Rule and Event Processing Rates
  • Supports More Complex Rule Processing Sequences in Real Time
  • High-speed G2 CUDA™ bridge to link G2 applications to NVIDIA’s CUDA™ parallel computing architecture

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G2 Overview

Running Your G2 Applications

Experience has shown us that accelerated innovation is enabled by depth of platform focus, not breadth. For that reason, Gensym’s focus is consistent innovation of G2 on a targeted set of stable and powerful platforms:

G2 Standard
and Enterprise 2015*




Windows Server
2008/2008 R2

Windows Server
2012 R2

LINUX Distributions**

G2 Server
(STD, 32-bit)
YesYesYesYesYesG2 STD and ENT are LSB (Linux Standard Base) 4.0 compliant.
G2 Server
(ENT, 64-bit)
YesYesYesYesYesThe product is supported on several Linux distributions e.g. RHEL 5.6, RHEL 6.4, RHEL 7.1, SuSE Linux Enterprise 11, Ubuntu 8.04, 9.04 and others.
G2 Classic Client
YesYesYesYesYesPlease see here for a full list.
G2 Next Gen Client
(Telewindows NG)

**For 64-bit OSs, such as RHEL 7, which only has x64 version, user needs to install 32-bit compatibility libraries to run G2 STD.

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